CarrerDerkache Investments is a rapidly growing company with positions available for professionals passionate about working with investments in real estate market. We are looking for motivated individuals to become a part of our winning team.

At Derkache Investments, we consider every employee an important member of the team as we work together towards a common set of goals that will be the key to our future and will help guarantee our success. These goals include:

  • Serving our customers efficiently and effectively by providing a quality product at a competitive price
  • To have a profitable company which will provide job security for our employees, opportunities for growth and advancement and personal job satisfaction within a safe work environment
  • To offer employee ownership in the company through the Employee Equity and Profit Participation Program
  • To promote team spirit, mutual respect and fairness.

Derkache Investments is hiring highly qualified and dedicated individuals. Our hiring bar is high and each member of our team must be among the most gifted in his or her field related to real estate investment. The people we seek could work anywhere they want, tend to be the most highly prized in their field and must have a demonstrated track record in their field.

Other hiring criteria include: a genuine passion for growing the business and property portfolio and the desire to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company. We offer a competitive salary, stock ownership, health benefits, a fun work environment and the chance to make a real difference in the environment.

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