Derkache Investments provides a variety of real estate services ranging from investment and asset management to mortgage lending as well as real estate sales services throughout Texas, Florida and Toronto Area in Canada. Known for its commitment to excellence, Derkache continues to offer its customers competitive products and unparalleled service.

Investment/Management Services

Residential division of Derkache Investments offers expertise in a variety of real estate investments, including land development and residential home building as well as the acquisition and disposition of distressed real estate assets. With the help of a knowledgeable team of experienced professionals, the company provides opportunities for select investors to partner in specifically identified projects throughout Texas, Florida and Toronto Area in Canada.

Real Estate Services

Derkache  Investments provides real  estate sales services  to  its customers and the home buying public. With  a  staff of experienced  real  estate   agents  that  specialize  in  different  markets and have diverse areas of expertise, Derkache Investment helps buyers find and purchase homes that meets their needs. The range of services includes residential listings, short sale listings and REO listings.