Viktor Derkach

Viktor Derkach DallasViktor Derkach is the Managing Principal of Derkache Investments where his core focus is new business origination, risk evaluation, and financial structuring.  Mr. Derkach is primarily responsible for the general direction of the firm’s investment strategy and overall capitalization as well as overseen of construction processes.  In this capacity, Mr. Derkach’s roles is one of revenue generation and fund raising from investors/lenders and matching them with needs of  general contractors.

Mr. Derkach has been active in the real estate business since 1999 when he began his real estate career assembling and developing land parcels in Toronto’s urban cores.  These initial one-off acquisitions led to the creation of Derkache Investment as a fully vertically integrated real estate investment firm.  The consummated transactions have ranged between simple property acquisitions to restructuring of distressed debt, fractured residential inventory, community district development bonds, and a host of joint venture structures. In each case, Mr. Derkach’s role is to first identify intrinsic value within the underlying property, and then determine the most optimal structure by which to acquire it.  When faced with uncertainties and risk, Mr. Derkach is well versed at pricing those risks and identifying the required business plan required to extract value made on the purchase.

Viktor Derkach graduated cum laude from the Business School at Kiev University, with a degree in International Business.